Peace is the thing that we could not live without, especially the peace amongst the society. There is a thing that harm the public order besides war; it is the disturbance of harmony through intolerance action. Lately, Indonesia encounters incidents that harmed the harmony of the society. Bhineka Tunggal Ika, which means the unity in diversity, the-make-proud slogan of tolerance of Indonesian, is no more embraced. The unity of Indonesia is threatened, as the several groups in the society are getting more radical.

The raise of intolerance actions are triggered by the Front Pembela Islam (FPI) accusation to Ahok for allegedly insulting Islam, which the trial is still ongoing. The spread of hatred is increasing, especially in the social media. To response the incident of Ahok, FPI campaigns the idea of leading only by Moslem for Moslem that has been written in Al-Qur’an, constitution of Islamic Society. FPI’s movement is regarding to the Jakarta’s Governor Election in 2017. Their target is clear, to prevent Ahok-the incumbent to secure the seat of Balaikota. However, the impact of their actions are wider than is imagined.

Besides the analysis that FPI action is politically driven to interrupt Ahok become the governor of Jakarta, it influences the harmony within the society. The intolerance actions in several spots in Indonesia were happened after the demonstration of Moslem mass in Jakarta, which is led by Habieb Rizieq the Imam of FPI. In the beginning of 2017, Yulis the appointed-head of district in Bantul is protested due to religion matter. Pajangan, which mostly is Moslem is conducting a protest for the decision of Bantul regent to assign Yulis who is Christian. Before the incident in Bantul, Bandung also hit by the action of Moslem group that stopped the religious activity of Christian that held in Sasana Budaya Ganesha.

It can be seen that the action of FPI or Habieb Rizieq is triggering the aforementioned conflicts. The difference that should be embraced is threatened by the ego of certain groups. The problem should be handled immediately to prevent the further impact that might worse, because the problem that occur in society might disturb the governance and public order, which are dangerous for the state’s survival. And to educate the people about tolerance value is the only way to bring the harmony that leads into the peaceful society.

Rohingya case is the great example on how the intolerance action can affect the public order and governance. We should bring our harmony and unity back into the society to preserve the peace. More than that, there is Human rights that should be uphold and cannot be derogate, such as Freedom of choosing their religion. Therefore, educating the society about tolerance is important, and it can be started by our self, our family, our surroundings, and the others.