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Dear Our Beloved Foster Parents, Sponsors, and Donors.

We would like to inform you about our activities on month of November. Here are the lists of activities that we have done throughout the month:

1. Hello There

Our CAMP Crew visited our Foster Children on Hello There Program. Hello There is one of Operational Programs, an activity of visiting foster children so we can see our foster children development on school and their skill. We had nice conversations with them, talked about school, hobby, dreams, daily activities, and their problems. We also met their family and had conversations about CAMP programs in the next month. In this period, our Foster Children made a papercraft from many characters.

2. CAMP x Sasing Night

CAMP was invited to join Sasing Night 2016 on Saturday, 19th November 2016, by Department of English Literature, Sanata Dharma University. Sasing Night 2016 is a charity night. CAMP joined this event as a booth to show our foster children’s art works and CAMP Foundation’s programs. We also sold our CAMP Merch and CAMP Garage Sale for fundraising. All of the proceed will be used for our operational and development program.

 3. CAMP Outbound

On Sunday, 20th November 2016, we held Outbound in our shelter. This Development Program was attended by 6 Foster Children and 10 CAMP Crews. In this program, our Foster Children not only played with their Foster Sister/Brother, but also with all of the CAMP Crew. From this Outbound, we hope our Foster Children and CAMP Crew will be more closer to each other. Besides, they also learnt about cooperation in a team. After the Outbound, Foster Children wrote their dreams in ‘Langit Impian’ and decorated it together with CAMP Crew.

Thank you for your continued support for CAMP Foundation. Your support and involvement are very much appreciated as we continuously serve our foster children. We would be happy to receive any suggestions or critics for improvement so that we can improve our programs. Kindly feel free to email Eirene Shinta Valevi, as CAMP Foundation General Manager, at: