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Dear Our Beloved Foster Parents, Sponsors, and Donors, CAMP Foundation Family wishes you a Happy Islamic New Year fot those who celebrate it.


We would like to inform you about our activities on month of October. Here are the lists of activities that we have done throughout the month:

1. Hello There

Our CAMP Crew visited our Foster Children on Hello There Program. Hello There is one of Operational Programs, an activity of visiting foster children so we can see our foster children development on school and their skill. Our Foster Children made a scrapbook and wrote a story on it.

2. CAMP Merch

Fundraising Team had a new program with CAMP Merch. In this fundraising program, we sold a package of bracelet from ‘prusik’ material and sticker. The price is Rp 3.500,00 of one package. All of the proceed will be used for our operational and development program.

3. CAMP Garage Sale

Fundraising Team sold second-hand items donated by supporters of our foundation on CAMP Garage Sale program. This garage sale was held in Shelter CAMP, Mangunnegaran, Yogyakarta on 16th October 2016 from 9 – 12 am. We got Rp 203.000,00 from this garage sale. All of the proceed will be used for our operational and development program. Kindly visit our Instagram account for donating through online shopping on this site:

4. How To: Make A Character Mask

On Sunday, 23rd October 2016, our Foster Children and CAMP Team made a character mask in shelter. In this program, our Foster Children used their creativity to make the character, like cartoon figure or their lovely pet. Not only for creativity developing, the used of recycled-paper taught them to appreciate something.

Thank you for your continued support for CAMP Foundation. Your support and involvement are very much appreciated as we continuously serve our foster children. We would be happy to receive any suggestions or critics for improvement so that we can improve our programs. Kindly feel free to email Eirene Shinta Valevi, as CAMP Foundation General Manager, at: